Residential Home Security Protection

Have peace of mind knowing everyone is safe and everything is protected.


Discover a new type of alarm system, one that is expertly installed and serviced by local technicians, customized for your home. Best of all, you can control it from anywhere. 

Always-On Protection

Our security systems for home connect everything to keep you safe and secure, 24/7.

Professional Monitoring

In home security emergencies, monitoring service alerts your local police, fire or EMS.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide

Connected smoke and CO detector alarm systems alert you and your monitoring service.

A Proactive System

By the time most security systems alert you to a problem, it is too late. Our systems recognize and alert you to unusual activity early so that you can take action quickly. Armed or disarmed, your system is on guard.

Simplify Your Life

Securing your home has never been easier! With our easy-to-use app, one tap arms your security system, locks your doors and adjusts your lights.

No More Doubt

Have you ever left for work and couldn’t remember if you had closed the garage door? Now you can secure your home from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Protection You Can Trust

You need security that can withstand a burglar’s toolkit. Our cellular connection cannot be cut, and our Crash & Smash technology cannot be defeated with a hammer.


Indoor, outdoor, front door – our security camera system has you covered.


Customize your video alerts to focus on people, vehicles, animals or specific areas of your home and property. Only get alerts about the things that matter the most to you.


Get daily video clips of your family arriving home, or check in with a quick call through your camera.

Front Door

See and talk to visitors from anywhere. Give access with a tap of a finger.

Simplify Your Life

Make Your Home Smarter

Our intuitive, all-in-one smart home security system makes managing your home easier. The more you add, the more your home can do – yet it’s always simple to use and to control.


phone with security app

Control Access to Your Home
From Anywhere

Give Access Instantly

Let a visitor in and disarm your alarm with a single tap.

Stay in the Know

Get alerts to your phone when someone arrives home, when someone is late or when you have forgotten to lock up.

No More Lost Keys

Eliminate security risks with digital lock codes.

Lock Up With Ease

In a hurry? Use your app to lock your doors and arm your system. Customize your app for instant security, convenience and comfort, all the time.


smart device with security system control panel

Use the app to adjust the temperature from anywhere. No more coming home to a hot or cold house!

Adjust any or all of your lights with the app. No more getting out of bed to turn the lights off.

Your monitoring service alerts 911 for you. If you can’t call for help, they’ve got your back.

Your app shows you where the danger is so that you can adjust your escape route.

Cancel a false alarm with ease.

If you’re home, you can turn off your water supply with the app to prevent damage. If you’re away, the system takes care of it for you. The system can also alert you to costly issues like running toilets or excessive water consumption.

Ready to Customize Your Home Security?

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