Home Security Solutions in Goliad, TX

Home Security Made Simple in Texas

Ensure the safety of your home by choosing Triple D’s state-of-the-art home security solutions. Our high-end alarm systems security measures are user-friendly and efficient in protecting your family.

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Overwhelmed with Complicated Home Security Systems?

Protect your home and loved ones with our advanced home security solutions. Our comprehensive range of services includes state-of-the-art alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and smart home automation, all designed to provide complete protection for your home. With our round-the-clock monitoring services, you can rest easy knowing that your property is being watched over even when you’re away. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized security plan tailored to your unique needs and budget. Trust us to keep your home safe and secure, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family and property are protected at all times.

4/7 Protection

Crime doesn’t have a time window. With Triple D, you have 24/7 protection for your home and family.

Emergency Alert Systems

Our systems are capable of alerting emergency responders such as fire, police, and medical. With an extensive protection system, you can rest assured knowing you and your family are safe and protected.

Simple Use System

Triple D offers an all-in-one app for control of your entire system. Whether you want to turn on your system or lock your home’s doors, one tap is all it takes!

Secure Your Home With Triple D

With Triple D, you can trust that your home is in safe hands. Don’t wait any longer, contact us today to secure your home and protect your loved ones.

How We Protect Your Home

Servicing the Crossroads Region and More!

With our comprehensive security solutions, you can enjoy round-the-clock protection and monitor your home from anywhere, at any time.

Professionally Monitored Systems

Triple D security systems are monitored and will alert emergency services in the event of an urgent situation

Alerts Straight to Your Phone

Get alerted when someone is at your front door, when you’ve left your doors unlocked and so much more!

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alerts

Our system is equipped with fire and carbon monoxide sensors which not only alert the monitoring systems, but you as well.

Protect Yourself From Water Damage

Turn off your water supply from your phone in the event of an overflow or other water intrusion.

Real-Time Awareness

During an emergency, the app will alert you what areas to avoid so you can change your escape routes.

Trusted Service for Years

“The technician was very professional and diligent to make sure everything worked well; very nice guy, too!”  

– Austin

“Great service & very knowledgeable! I already feel safer in my new home.”

– Tiarah F